About Me

Hi! This is Ellie Chenoweth! I am currently a sophomore at Santa Barbara High School. Other then being a student, I am an athlete and love being outdoors, spending time with family and friends, and surrounding myself with happy memories to look back on!img_3483



My 16th birthday is coming up soon and it may sound silly,but I’ve been reflecting on everything that I have been taught over the years…whether it’s influenced by school- “hard work always pays off”, or sports- “no matter how much your practicing, someone is always practicing more”. But I have found the one phrase that is never taken into complete consideration in our society is : “don’t worry, be happy”. This quote embodies the fact that the purest moments of happiness come from our most youthful/childish years. Where there was no care in the world and when life was simply right from wrong.


Everyone wants to be happy, but truly how happy are we on a day-to-day basis? If there’s one thing I know, life is short so why not find happiness along the way?!

In light of this, I have decided to interview people of various ages and ask two questions: “what does happiness mean to you?” and “what makes you happy? And voila…we have my blog!

Naturally, this blog is for anyone who needs to know what happiness is or to inspire one to think about what makes them happy.

Share what you believe happiness is and what makes you happy by commenting below! (maybe I should keep track of how many times the word happy or happiness is used throughout my blog…)