cabo is where i want to be

Happiness is…vacationing to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico!!!

The end of the school year is right around the corner and it is time for summer! As I have said before, it has been a stressful year schoolwork wise as a sophomore in high school, and I cannot express my true readiness  for relaxation enough.

I am heading to Cabo San Lucas in a few weeks and cannot wait! I have been lucky enough to stay in Cabo many summers in the past, but haven’t gone in about three years.  However, we are going back this summer to celebrate my nana and papa’s 50th wedding anniversary!!! They have a time share for a villa at the Pueblo Bonito which is a gorgeous resort- like spot where we stay with my mom’s side of the family. Pueblo Bonito is surrounded by many different kinds of pools allowing for relaxing afternoons by the poolside where I can enjoy a good book and the water festivities with my family. (By the end of the vacation I have read at least three novels and have a solid tan:)

This place is also set by the white sand beach so one can hear the waves crashing at night. The ocean is very rough however, and because of the strong undertow there are  lifeguards that do not allow you too close. One of my favorite things about Pueblo Bonito are the golf carts that come to pick you up from your villa to take you to where you want to go. The golf cart rides are always pleasurable as we zoom to the pools and get to take in the beauty around us while the wind blows through our hair and against our faces.

My family also takes a day or two to go into town and go to the flea markets (I have always loved collecting the little bobble head animals ever since I was little and continue this tradition), the BEST taco place ever, and experience other towns around Cabo San LucasGoing to see these places is interesting for me because I like learning more and being exposed to different cultural ideas.

This is where my family has made countless memories together; watching the heated Lakers vs. Celtics basketball finals, volleyball peppering with my papa, writing stories, Marco Polo games in the pool, cooking dinner as a family at the villa, and family games against other’s staying at Pueblo Bonito for water volleyball matches.  This truly is my happy place, my paradise. Getting away to somewhere as beautiful as Cabo with my family is the way to start off my summer!



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