Through Papa’s Eyes

Happiness is…listening to my Papa!

I haven’t written a blog post about anyone in a while so I thought why not dedicate this one to my Papa?! He is one of the happiest most peaceful people I know and I love spending time with him and my Nana.

My papa enjoys telling me stories and it makes me happy just to be able to listen.  To be able to take the time to hear about someone else’s life at a time very different then our own is really interesting and in a way reassuring. My favorite memories with him vary from vacations to Cabo, dinners out with him and my nana, and playing volleyball with my papa.

Here are some things that make my papa happy:

My papa loves doing tai chi at the YMCA and has been going there for as long as I can remember. One of my favorite memories with him was when I figured out how to work the “Tai Chi follow along CD” in the old DVR. My papa and I spent a while trying to copy the instructor. I couldn’t stop laughing at myself and how I seemed to have worse balance than him!

Papa also loves volleyball! He would go down to East Beach with his buddies and play when beach volleyball not really a thing for men, which I find neat. My papa has inspired me and had a great impact on my passion for volleyball. I love the sport very much and have gotten to play club volleyball and travel because of him. My favorite story my papa tells me that is volleyball related is about Karch Kiraly (who is the USA women’s volleyball coach and grew up in SB) and how he used to play on the beach with his dad and had great hands for setting. My papa thinks I’m a great volleyball player. He says I can do anything and remembers vividly the time I stuffed (blocked) a DP senior varsity volleyball player during high school season:)

My papa also tells me about him and the “SOB’s”(sons of the beaches) and all the pranks they liked to pull both at Santa Barbara High and Cal Poly in college.  Fun fact about my papa…he was the first one to paint the cow. “The cow” is kind of a mascot for SBHS now.  That is now a tradition of all SBHS kids before big home football games. But when my papa painted the cow statue, it was on top of a dairy companies building. He went with SOB’s at dusk and proceeded in painting the cow purple. A security gaurd walked over and my papa made a break for it…turns out there were purple footprints leading to his house. Luckily he didn’t get caught haha! But the next day, the owners of the dairy place added a purple milkshake to the menu;) My papa tells me: “Ellie don’t you tell anybody…I swore to the SOB’s I’d never tell of the painting of that cow!”

When I am stressed or need a break from my little siblings I look forward to going to my nana and papa’s house so I can spend time with them and listen to my papa. These are the times where I feel pure patience and happiness.



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