Happiness is…finishing your AP tests!!!!!

Taking AP courses is one of the most stressful things in life, if you ask me! AP classes, for anyone who has never heard of them… are college courses taken at your high school. There is a huge “pass or no pass” test at the end of the school year to decide whether or not you receive college credit! So taking an AP class is literally a make-or-break! You are forced to push yourself to the limits to reach your goals, and I guess that’s what life is all about after all. But sometimes, for high school students, this can be a little much to manage.

I am currently a sophomore at Santa Barbara High School, and I took AP physics last year as a freshman,  and have taken AP biology and world history this year!!!! Next year, I will be taking three AP classes! Why am I doing this, and why is there so much pressure to get college credits, you may ask? Well, one thing to note – nowadays, getting accepted into a college of your choice is much more competitive! So this year has been full of  self expectations and self goals.

I just finished my AP tests, and believe that the feeling of being done is the pinnacle of happiness! I feel like a weight has been lifted from my shoulders! It feels like summer!!!

In celebration of completing our AP courses, my friends and I went to the beach and played some spike ball, volleyball, and soccer. Perfect way to let go of the stress that we built up for ourselves. The beach felt as summery as ever! We all drove back to a friends house: ate some pizza, laughed, talked, and played some heated basketball games!

We just came to realize how hard we all worked and how much we supported one another. We all are very proud of ourselves, and  we know that if we continue to work hard and help one another by having each other’s back, we will find success in the future. And that is definitely one of the happiest feelings ever!



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