beach days are good days

Happiness is…a day at the beach!

I am a lucky gal to live in Santa Barbara! We Santa Barbarians are blessed with the mountains for breath-taking hiking trails, and the Rose Garden for admiration of the beauty around us to just stop and smell the roses, but I think we are most fortunate to be on the coast for our relaxing beaches!

I have grown up enjoying everything about Santa Barbara, but some of my fondest memories take place at the beach. Whether it was a picnic lunch with the family, a stress-relieving stroll with my dog Hudson, a stop-to-watch-the-sunset, or a place to hang out with friends, I can remember most of my times at the beach vividly.

Butterfly Beach in Montecito is my absolute favorite beach around because of its cleanliness, and location (as it’s near a Blenders). Butterfly is where I grew up. Searching in the tide-pools for sea anemones to poke and hermit crabs to crawl in my palm. Looking for pretty sea shells and sea glass to add to my collection on low tide days. Scooping up sand crabs as they buried themselves when the waves were pulled back into shore, and making them little habitats in my water pails.

Butterfly Beach is where I would go boogie boarding for hours at a time, where my friend and I used to wade in the depths of the waters, believing we had the power to control the waves. This is where I would lay out on the first day of summer and burn, as red as a lobster. This is where the best spikeball tournaments  and water splashing fights take place, and when you realize the beauty Santa Barbara brings.

One of my absolute favorite memories of butterfly beach was an evening walk with my dad when I was little. I can recall the vibrant oranges and pinks of the sunsetting. The ocean was glassy and low tide. I could hear the waves crashing calmly. But the best part was that Butterfly Beach was scattered with hundred of sea stars! They were all different colors and I remember being ecstatic with my luck. My dad and I had never seen anything like it! Definitely a special moment!

My advice…if your feeling stressed or need a pick-me-up take a trip to the beach! The beach is the best place to relax! One of my happy places:)



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