chaos+love= siblings

Happiness is…having little siblings!

Ok…yes it can be difficult being the oldest sometimes, but it’s worth the challenge! I love my family very much and I love my little siblings (as you can tell by my t-shirt in the picture above). There is always noise, and constant bickering in the house, but there is also unconditional love. I have grown accustomed to this way of life so much, in fact, that I can’t seem to focus on work unless I am surrounded by a little bit of chaos! And to be truly honest, I can’t imagine a life of  complete and utter silence.

There are things that I love about being the oldest sibling…like getting to keep the holiday spirits alive for the sibs, or reading a book to them at bedtime, or hearing about silly elementary school drama. It’s always nice to be surrounded by people who are happy and don’t have as much responsibility or worries!

I have three little siblings:)

Meg (13)


and Flynn(8)

It’s funny because all of us have VERY different personalities. I guess it’s a good thing…we somewhat balance each other out:) We’ll push each other’s buttons every once in a while (Gwen and Flynn gang up on me) but my mom says: “when you’re older, you all will get a long a lot better…” a little far fetched if you ask me;) But I can agree that my siblings and I have made great memories and will make many more to treasure over the years.


One specific memory I hold dear to me was when I was 13 (which would make Gwen 7 and Flynn 5) on Easter. Meg’s birthday landed on that Easter too. Meg passed away about 12 years ago. She was truly a wise little girl. You could see it in her beautiful blue eyes.

To celebrate Meg and Easter, my family went to the Santa Ynez park for a nice spring picnic. At this time, the grass was tall and green and scattered with HUNDREDS of lady bugs. Flynn had gotten a bug catcher kit so the three of us decided to catch some ladybugs! It has always been a tradition for my family to bring Meg ladybugs at the cemetery for her birthday. The entire afternoon consisted of us proceeding to catch a single ladybug at a time and place them in a jar. Gwen and Flynn were so little and were amazed by how many we could catch. I love this memory most because I remember feeling especially close with my little siblings and Meg as a whole together. We brought the ladybugs to Meg and let them fly away and crawl on her flowers. Meg is our guardian angel.

Memories like these of just sharing time with your siblings are so important in life. Just knowing you will always be there to stand up for them and they will always have your back in the future. Seeing that you are a role model that your little siblings can look up to is a feeling that always makes me happy!



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