man’s best friend

Happiness is…having a dog to greet you at the door!

Meet Hudson! Hudson is an almost two year old, go-lucky golden doodle with a goofy personality. He can always make me laugh. I mean come on…dogs are man’s best friend after all! Everything from the way he greets me at the door with a wagging tail, following me around the house, or losing where the tennis ball is because of his long hair that covers his eyes,  makes me a happy gal. Hudson is also a very intelligent little (big) fella! Ever since he was a little puppy he was able to learn how to sit, shake, and stay very quickly. We even taught him how to ring a bell when he needed to go potty outside.

I think that the best part of having a dog, is knowing that you have something to care for. There is also the thought that no matter what happens, there will always be someone super ecstatic to see you!

What makes me especially happy is everything I can do with my dog. We go on fun beach walks at Butterfly Beach where Hudson gets sand caked in his curly coat of fur from dashing up and down the shore.

I take him on walks after school around my neighborhood and just talk to him sometimes. (It may seem silly…but dogs always listen;).

Some of my favorite things that Hudson does/used to do:

When Hudson was a puppy, he did the silliest things. One of my favorite memories is when we brought him home for the first time. He was a little nervous, but my little siblings and I talked to him in soothing voices and sat on the floor to let him take in his new life. Hudson walked around, and curled up in each of our laps. I fell in love with him right then and there!


Whenever I’m stressed while working on loads of homework, he will curl up by my feet as if he can read how I’m feeling. Basically, my advice here is anytime you’re feeling overwhelmed, exhausted, or sad…keep your dog close! Hudson always makes me happy, and I truly believe that dogs can make anyone a happier person! Whether its a lazy day at home or an active, exciting day out…dogs make your life 100 times better!


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