spring has sprung

Happiness is… Spring Break!!!

Any break off of school is a relief! I’m currently a sophomore at Santa Barbara High School, and may I just say everything is getting to be much more stressful!!! I am taking two AP classes this year (AP Biology and AP World History) and am starting to study for the big “pass- or- fail” end of the year tests…so the workload has not been favorable lately. Getting to the end of the school year also makes me think about how fast high school is flying by and what I have to do to get in to a college of my choice! I’m sure this is very relatable to any high school student right about now, coming to the final stretch!

So lets just take a moment here to recognize how happy I was for my week off for Spring Break!!! My time to relax and enjoy the warm, sunny weather SB has to offer:) This last week I got to spend time with friends and soak up the sun at Padero Beach and the Tennis Club swimming pool!

The highlight of my spring break, however was when I went down to visit my boyfriend and his family who were staying in Newport! The Bennett family knows quite a lot about Newport and Laguna Beach, so I had some wonderful tour guides! The first day was packed with exciting sight-seeing plans! I was treated to a yummy breakfast at the must-go-to restaurant, the Shake Shack…overlooking the gorgeous view of Crystal Cove Beach.

I also went to Fashion Island (a giant mall) where Grant and I went into a few stores, and where Grant shared a few childhood memories with me. There is a large koi pond in the center of the outdoor mall where you can hop on skipping stones, and he told me about when he was little and how there used to be  a train that you could ride (a.k.a. the “choo choo tunney”). It made me happy to hear about all of the sweet memories Grant and his family had from previously living in Newport.

For the second half of the afternoon, Grant and I headed to Balboa Island!!!

This was a cute area with pretty beach houses and sailboats in the dock. Grant and I went to get famous chocolate covered Balboa bananas, then we took a beach stroll… on the way having “rope races” where you hop over the ropes that anchor the boats to the beach while racing to the next closest dock. We took a ferry across the water to the Fun Zone! There, we got to play some arcade…I am proud to say I beat him in air hockey the both times we played! Grant and I also rode a cute little ferris wheel (we were in the cart that one of the latest Bachelor’s was filmed) which was neat.

Every time we would reach the top of the ferris wheel, I was overcome with happiness! The sun on my face, the smell of the salty sea (and funnel cakes), the pretty scenery of Balboa island, and a great friend by my side! What more could I ask for?!

Later, I went with the Bennett’s to the beautiful, private Crystal Cove beach where Grant, his little sisters, and I checked out the tide pools and had water splashing fiascos. To finish off such a fun day…we drove (while jamming with the Bennett’s) to the restaurant Ichiburi (hibachi style cooking) in charming Laguna Beach! What a night- full of impressive chef tricks, birthday wishes, and LOTS of laughter!!!

This break definitely allowed me to unwind and forget the stress of school for a little bit:) My get-a-way to Newport/Laguna Beach was filled with happiness and great memories that will not be forgotten! Although Spring Break can be bittersweet (as it is a preview of summer that’s still just out of reach), this was the perfect way to end it!


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