the thrill of family road trips

Happiness is… a quiet road trip

Psych! When you have two little siblings and a mini van, there is never a dull moment. Don’t get me wrong, road trips are certainly exciting, but they are definitely NOT quiet! When it gets noisy during the car rides, I enjoy putting in my ear buds and tuning out to my own music while looking out the window to take in the beautiful scenery surrounding me, or reading a book (I do not get car sick…thank god). Other times, I simply teach myself to embrace the quarreling of my little siblings, and laugh at my dad who is always blasting his own music and singing his heart out.

My family has certain destination places we enjoy taking small vacations to in northern California such as: Avila Beach, Cambria, Big Sur, Carmel, Monterey Bay, Yosemite, and San Fransisco. Our routine during these small road trips, consists of  taking  frequent pitstops for the sake of patience, and to break up the drive. And these are some of the moments where my mom will use the opportunity to take more pictures of my sister, brother and I to add to our family photo albums.

We don’t have as much stamina as other families with older kids who can charge it up to Mammoth with one bathroom break:) But that is why I love our family road trips, we take our time to discover the little places along the way to the big destination. It makes me happy to know that we can enjoy the journey as much as our final destination.

This Spring Break, my mom surprised us with a short trip to Cambria, and my cousin Kathryn got to come as well! This was one of those rare times when the road trip was less chaotic because the drive from Santa Barbara to Cambria is only about 2.5 hours. Nevertheless, we split up the drive by enjoying Avila’s darling little animal farm.


We also proceeded to making another stop in Cayucos for a yummy lunch near the pier, and for trying some world famous cookies at the Brown Butter Cookie C.O! Let me just say definitely the best cookies I’ve ever tried…and that is saying A LOT considering my sweet tooth!

When we finally got to Cambria, everyone was relieved and happy! We immediately went to Moonstone Beach where we walked down to the sand but the wind was a little overwhelming…nonetheless I was happy to remember my past memories of this beach, where I found a sea anenome shell, where my little sister used to collect the smallest,smoothest pebbles, and where my little brother was ecstatic about getting to climb and look for crabs on the huge rocks at shore!

The next day consisted of antiquing, boutique shopping, and some elephant seal sight-seeing….all very fun activities! In Cambria, there is this hidden circle of chique boutiques that my cousin, mom, sister and I love to visit every time we go to Cambria! A tradition has become for us girls that we can choose an article of jewelry from a shop called “Junk Girls” where they make jewelry out of pressed spoons and silverware. We also have made it tradition to go to the wonderful restaurant, Linn’s where we eat out to dinner and share a slice of the best banana cream pie anyone has ever had!

Driving back late the next afternoon was just as fun as the beginning of the trip. We got to stop in Avila Beach once more to walk out on the pier, get an ice cream cone, and soak in the summery weather.

In Avila Beach is where I truly understood the importance of little get-a-ways, and all the joy and fun memories they bring. It makes me happy to look back on these little trips and see how close my family grows, despite the noisy but fun car rides;) And it makes me feel very fortunate to be able to discover and experience all different parts of California.




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