Bump, Set, Spike!

Happiness is…a competitive match of volleyball

Ok just a fun fact, I have literally played every sport, so athletics have always been a huge part of my life. Both of my parents helped evolve my love for sports (my dad is the athletic director at my high school). Whenever I am playing a good game, I am overwhelmed with happiness (and a little bit of pride:) Its the feeling of togetherness that is almost comforting. Being on a team is like having a support unit, and my teammates make me happy win or lose. I’ve also come to realize that sports represent a lot of life values.

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I played mainly soccer and basketball for eight years, but I could never decide which sport I liked best! However, when I started playing volleyball in sixth grade, I found a deeper love for the sport. Maybe because of the demand I have on the court as a setter, or the loudness and energy of the game, maybe the team chemistry, or that it is simply a game of errors….whatever the reason, volleyball became my favorite sport.Displaying IMG_4093.JPG

This is my fourth year playing travel volleyball with Santa Barbara Volleyball Club, and It has grown to be more and more exciting each year. The majority of our tournaments are down south in  L.A, Irvine, San Diego. But my team the last two years has gotten to play in the AAU’s tournament in Orlando, Florida. Something that makes me really happy is waking up around 4;30 a.m on tournament mornings when it’s pitch black outside and it feels like I am the only person awake.

Last weekend my team and I traveled to Denver, Colorado for the Crossroads National Qualifier tournament. This was our opportunity to get a bid to go to JO’s (junior olympics). We were seeded second in our division for the entire tournament which was a great honor. We played teams from all across the country. Unfortunately, the team did not play as well as we had hoped. The first two days were a little frustrating, and I was feeling down. However, during this time, my team was always there for each other. Like I said before, they make me very happy! We all made some great memories together like singing Blink 182’s song: “All The Small Things” loudly in the hamburger restaurant, and braiding each other’s hair in “power braids” for good luck on game day. The best part of the tournament was the third day when our team was resilient and we worked together to play the best we knew we could.

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I honestly don’t know what I would do if I wasn’t an athlete. Whether its the feeling of sweet victory or bitter loss, sports make me a happier person and always will!


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