all the small things

Alright, so I have decided that every once and while I want to talk about the specifics that make me most happy. To talk about a few of my favorite things.  As I have already expressed in my first post, a lot of things make me a happy gal. Whether it’s friends and family, travel, memories (like many people that I have interviewed so far). However, I think it’s better to go more into depth about what makes us most happy and why.

My friend, Charley has recently lent me a book called “Happiness is..” and let me just say it is one of the CUTEST little books I have ever seen! I guess the most priceless moments in our lives are all the small ones. Any who, last weekend I was skimming through the pages with 500 little illustrations of random things that make others happy, and it has inspired me to share some and how they can relate to me through some fond memories I have!


Happiness is…a rainy day after a long drought


As I have mentioned before, having grown up in Santa Barbara, California (drought central) I have never truly experienced all the seasons. This year, with our much anticipated “El Nino” I have learned to appreciate rain even more! I guess the myth is true: we always want what we can’t have and the grass is always greener on the other side. 

Any who, my friends used to  jokingly believe that I had some kind of celestial connection with the sky because I always got really excited when it rained! But come on….everything about the rain is enjoyable! All the little things like drifting to asleep with the pitter-pat of the rain falling on the rooftops, layering in bundles of warmth, or watching the raindrops hit your car windows.

Rain makes me happy because it can make for a cozy day inside sitting by the fireplace with a cup of hot cocoa, bowl of popcorn, and movie marathon! Who doesn’t love those?!

But whenever I get the opportunity (even if it’s the least bit sprinkling) I pull out my well known bright red Hunter rain boots that I got for Christmas last year! Just the sight of them makes me happy! You have to take advantages of these days to be your four year old self and splash in some puddles!

And what do you get when you have the: rain boot + post-rain combo? A pretty darn good mud hike! I have many fond memories of going on “mud hikes” when I was in elementary school with one of my best buddies, Matthew and his golden retriever, Lucy! It became a tradition every time it rained. The best part wasn’t even getting as muddy as we could, but was the amazing feeling of being surrounded by the beauty of nature, revived from the rain. Another really fun memory I have had in the rain was when it was my friend, Ashlyn’s sweet 16. We all met at the Bacara Resort for a nice brunch and pool time! After a yummy brunch outside and some birthday cake, we all headed down to the Bacara’s beautiful pool in our robes and it started pouring rain! It was so much fun because we all hung out in the jacuzzi with the rain sprinkling over us! 

It’s times like these that I become fully aware of how lucky I am to live in Santa Barbara.


If there is anything in particular that makes you happy or if you know the true meaning of happiness, please share!




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