Grant Grylls

Interview week 3:

This is my boyfriend, Grant Bennett! He is a very thoughtful, understanding, funny person. He never fails to put a smile on my face, and can always make me laugh with all of our inside jokes!

Grant’s definition of happiness: “Happiness is a feeling you have when you realize how lucky you are to be alive, a feeling you have when you’re with the people you love, when you succeed, and when you are doing something you love!”

Grant’s Happiness Go-To’s:

  1. Grant values his family and friends and believes that;  “doing something with the ones you love makes things 100 times more enjoyable.” Being surrounded by the people most important to you leads to tons of laughter and fun!
  2. The Great Outdoors makes Grant happy because he has the ability to truly appreciate the world and step away from the technology that often controls our lives. (Watch this great video about looking up from your phone: Whenever Grant is feeling down, by going outside and just running around a little can lift his spirits!  img_2016
  3. Food!!! I mean who doesn’t love a good meal?! Grant says that after a hard day at school or tiring practice, yummy food to look forward to makes him a happy guy! Mrs. Bennett is a tremendous cook, and his favorite meal that she cooks are Thai chicken lettuce wraps with peanut noodles. 
  4. Athletics are a huge part of Grant’s life and are something he is most passionate about. Sports incorporate all of the things that make Grant most happy: being outdoors, spending time with family and friends, and so on. Grant believes that sports bring people together.
  5. Traveling allows Grant to have fun, new experiences and the ability to live in the moment. Traveling throughout the U.S. sparks many happy memories for Grant. “Looking out the car window at places you’ve never seen before, trying new foods, meeting new people, it’s an experience that some people don’t get to do often but something I get to do a lot and it makes me smile and happy.” One of Grant’s favorite memories when traveling on the road was when he first moved to Santa Barbara from Idaho. He was driving down with his dad early (so his dad could start work and Grant could start playing soccer). Grant appreciated this time with his dad to talk about life, and what was going on, and they were listening to good music in the car. They almost ran out of gas in the middle of nowhere! Grant tried to stay up all night on the drive to keep his dad company.
  6. So I decided to ask Grant something completely random that makes him happy: THE OFFICE, and  ELF!!! (Best show and movie of all time right there)! I used to think I had a great memory when it came to quoting the movie Elf, until watching the movie with him who easily quoted the entire movie. 



Grant and I have countless  sweet and funny memories together. From the time he asked me to homecoming with a legit goldfish, to our competitive games of HORSE,  “The Hike”, and missing the NY Times Square New Year ball drop countdown because of John Cena.  But I would have to say one of my favorite memories we have together would be “The Hike.” It was November 5th, and Grant and I had been dating for a little bit, still getting to know each other. Our friends from the MAD Academy (which is at Santa Barbara High School) invited us to go on a hike to Seven Falls with them. Everyone was really excited because we timed it so that we could hike to the top and see the sunset. There were eight of us on the hike enjoying the scenery and time together. The  hike overall was very beautiful! But the most memorable part of the hike was when we finally reached the top of the trail, and the sun was just beginning to set. 




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