Claudia’s World Through a Lens

Interview week 2:


I have known Claudia Brewer for ages, so she is practically a sister to me! Claudia is such an intelligent, kind-hearted person, and she always  gives good advice! I was fortunate enough to spend Presidents Weekend with her on a very exciting ski trip in the Sequoia National Park! It was my very first time ever being on skis so let me just say there was A LOT of falling, but nevertheless it was an amazing, memorable trip! During the drive back (filled with a huge box of Oreo cookies and vanilla lattes) I had the chance to interview Claudia, who gave thoughtful answers to my questions.


Claudia’s definition of happiness: “The emotion that makes you realize how lucky you are to be alive in that moment.”

Claudia’s Happiness Go-To’s:

  1.  Claudia says that not so much specific places or things make her happy, but as long as she is with the people most important in her life, she is truly happy.
  2. Travel makes Claudia happy because she can make many special memories through her different experiences. One of her favorite destinations she traveled to was Alaska because of how remote and different it was from California. She got to go to Bear Cove (a.k.a “Land of the Midnight Sun”), a deserted island where she watched the sunset on the beach.
  3. Music is a big part of Claudia’s life because she can play various string instruments and she has songs that remind her of specific people and times. She also believes that music shapes a person and can influence others greatly.
  4. Autumn is Claudia’s favorite season and always makes her happy because school is not as difficult at the beginning of the first semester, the leaves on the trees change vibrant colors, and of course Halloween is in October!
  5. Photography and specifically Claudia’s SLR camera are special to her and help her to create happy memories by having the ability to document trips and memorable moments.


I have countless memories with Claudia over the span of almost 7 years now that we have known each other! From performing in the elementary school talent show as a duet, going to the drive-in movie theater every summer, and our last minute El Capitan camping weekend. But one of my favorite memories we have shared together that I will always look back on, would be the recent ski trip we went on together this last four day weekend! img_4255

Claudia had looked up the weather forecast where we were staying, Three Rivers (just 6 miles from the entrance to the Sequoia National Park), and the app read that it was currently 18 degrees and that more snow was on the way! So naturally, we Santa Barbara girls were VERY excited to go to the snow! We took a beautiful drive inland through places I had never heard of before and it truly made us feel like we were in a completely different state! But as we began to near our destination of little town Three Rivers, Claudia and I were getting worried and confused! It was 57 degrees, blue skies, and not a sign of snow despite what the gosh darn weather app was telling us! As soon as we got to our hotel room, Claudia and I started hysterically laughing at ourselves in our jackets and snow boots! We kind of felt like Harry and Loyd from Dumb and Dumber, and we spent a solid few minutes in deciding which one of us was Loyd and which one of us was Harry! We were also devastated with the fact that the snow might be a bust. Luckily, however, Claudia’s dad called a park ranger from the Sequoia’s and asked about the snow. It turned out that the weather app was actually reading the weather for 20 miles into the park from where our hotel was!

img_4289The next morning, we were bundled up in layers and ready to go to the snow for the whole day! The vast mountains, pine and sequoia trees were gorgeously covered in blankets of fresh-fallen powder! It truly was a sight to behold, a winter wonderland! We finally made it to Lodgepole where we got our cross country skis (and children’s sunglasses for the spring-like skiing).  Like I said earlier, I had never even been on skis before then, but I was up for a challenge! We ended up taking a trail not meant for cross country skiers so it was a bit difficult having to make our way up slopes, but man did we try!img_4281 Later on, we decided to ditch the skis and just enjoy some fun and play by having a series of snowball fights, building an impressive snowman, and taking some breath-taking scenery photos! It began to snow on our way back skiing to the lodge (which was a magical moment), and we did NOT want to leave!

The rest of our trip was filled with the desire to go back to the mountains of snow, hotel buttermilk waffles, binge watching “Stranger Things”, singing Christmas carols, talking about college, and lots of laughter!

Overall, an amazing experience with a wonderful friend, and a happy memory that will never be forgotten!img_4297






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