Charley’s Grain of Sand

Interview week 1:

Meet my good friend Charley Meister! Charley is one of the happiest people I know! She radiates positive vibes, and her laughter and smiles are contagious! This weekend, I got to celebrate Charley’s birthday with her, and was able to fit in an interview! Who better to start the blog off with?!


Charley’s definition of happiness: The strongest most stable emotion possible for a human to feel that is not tangible.

When interviewing Charley, she had no hesitation in telling me what makes her most happy!

Charley’s Happiness Go-To’s:

  1. Friends are always there to support her, and never fail to remind her what the true meaning of happiness is!
  2. The Beach (especially Santa Claus Beach in Summerland) is Charley’s happy place, helping her to find content and relaxation whenever she is surrounded with overwhelming workloads from school! And let me just say… being a sophomore in high school is VERY stressful!!! Something I’ve noticed that Charley really enjoys as well is taking pictures of/admiring a beautiful sunset. img_4242
  3. Dogs make Charley happy because she says that her dog, Willa is loyal and by her side for every minute of every day.
  4. Vacations are times of happiness where she can enjoy her dream life, escaping the real world. Costa Rica was a vacation full of some of her fondest memories such as when she went ATV riding in the mud with her family!
  5. Summer is not only a time of relaxation and freedom to have fun , but is also watermelon season making Charley a very happy gal!

One of my favorite things to do is taking the time to  uncover some of my happiest memories. Every week, I am going  to share the best memories I have treasured with the people I interview.

It was a beautiful October day, so I invited Charley to drive up with me to Santa Ynez to go blueberry picking.  I hadn’t gone since I was younger, so I thought, why not?! We set up the plan of picking lots of blueberries, and then having a blueberry bake day (maybe make some blueberry pie, muffins, scones….endless possibilities here). Unfortunately, after a very loud drive (with my little siblings bickering constantly in the car) from Santa Barbara to Santa Ynez, we found the blueberry picking farm to be closed! In some ways, this was my fault not double checking online for it’s open days…oops! Charley and I were just laughing. We came up with a plan B to go visit the animal rescue farm that was also in Santa Ynez, and of course that place was also closed!!!


Thank goodness plan C worked out! We decided to walk around Los Olivos and Solvang to go shopping in some little boutiques. We also went to a cute diner called Chomp for lunch where Charley burnt her tongue on some hot Mac n’ Cheese, and we had the best Oreo milkshakes of all time!!!! All-in-all a great day full of changes in plans, yet memorable and happy times!



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