hap-pi-ness (noun)

hap-pi-ness (noun) “The state of being happy.”

This dictionary definition just isn’t satisfying enough for me! What is happiness?!

My mission is to discover the honest-to-goodness meaning of happiness, and how it can be achieved! And to start off, I thought why not begin with myself?!img_1050

My definition…Happiness is more then the absent state of “being” something. Happiness is the deep emotion one has to be able to muster every day. It’s the immediate, instinctive, undeniable feeling one is overcome with when hope or joy is uncovered due to something (non)tangible.

When I stopped to think about my own questions, I realized that A LOT of things make me happy! Little things like a simple smile or making a person laugh. But when I went deeper in thought, I noticed that I have many personal happiness go-to’s.

So here’s my list of top 10 “happiness go-to’s”:

  1. I’m lucky to have family and friends always supporting me and making me feel loved/happy everyday!Processed with VSCO with g3 preset
  2. Music!!! (especially Dad’s old CD’s we would rock out to in his truck that remind me of my childhood).
  3. Rain! Living in Santa Barbara (drought central) makes rain a rare miracle! A rainy day is code for: bright red rain boots, mud hike, or cozy up by a fireplace, cup of hot cocoa, bowl of popcorn, and movie marathon!
  4. Chocolate! Or really any dessert in general! Hahaha! Something sweet always makes a hard day better!
  5. Sports! Whether it be volleyball, basketball, soccer, lacrosse- playing my sport never fails to be a great stress reliever and makes me very happy.
  6. Writing/reading are some of my favorite hobbies as well, allowing me to step away from reality and just be creative.
  7. Vacations…the time to relax and have new, fun experiences!
  8. Monarch butterflies are symbolic to my family and I. My little sister passed away when I was four, an extremely tragic loss for my family. We now associate her with monarch butterflies, so whenever I see one I can feel her presence.
  9. Road trip down memory lane (whether it’s family story-telling or looking back at old photo albums)
  10. Giving back to the community by volunteering makes me happy as well. I recently img_4143returned from an annual service trip my school goes on to Tijuana, Mexico to help build homes for families in need.  It was an amazing, enlightening experience!



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